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Work Experience

In addition to school based encounters with employers, pupils should have first-hand experience of the workplace.  There is evidence that work experience give pupils a more realistic idea of the expectations and realities of the workplace

DfE Statutory Guidance October 2018

All Students in year 12 will take part in work experience.

Year 12 students on a level two programme will do one day’s work experience per week as part of their study programme; this placement will need to have relevance to the courses they are taking.

Year 12 students on a level three programme will undertake a two week work experience placement at the end of the academic year.

For the academic year 2022-2023 all students in year 10 will take part in work experience between 8-12th May

A useful and relevant work experience placement has many benefits, it can provide evidence when completing employment, apprenticeship and higher education applications.  It can also give a valuable insight to the world of work and employer expectations in terms of skills and work ethics.  Having the opportunity to explore potential career opportunities can inform better decision-making and career management.

Year 12 students are responsible for finding their own placement with support from family and the school.  Gaining a good placement can take time and there are a number of students from other school in the area doing the same.  With this in mind early planning and securing of a placement is advised.

Year 10 students will register with the Education Business Partnership who the school have enrolled to find placements for students, however students can also self refer if they have a particular employer willing to offer them a placement.

For more information or advice about work experience/shadowing contact Ms Lamberton or Mrs Matthews.