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Subject Overview

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” (Charles R. Swindall)

Through values, your child is learning valuable life skills which support other curriculum subjects.    The skills they will learn are how to voice their opinions, how to debate and discuss issues giving examples with written responses.   The students enjoy the opportunity to discuss topics and concepts that they may not have approached in other subjects.  The rewards of these lessons are to enable the students to be more adaptable to the world beyond school, in preparation for working life and all this brings.   Students are intrigued to learn about the varied topics we covered and we enjoy seeing the students use what they have learnt and develop their own opinions and ideas.


In year 7 students start to look at a variety of topics which help them to explore how we can be respectful citizens, how we are different and unique and what constitutes a healthy living. The yearly overview is below;

Year 7

Term 1- Introduction to citizenship          

Term 2- Diversity and multiculturism      

Term 3-Human rights     

Term 4-Animal rights     

Term 5- Health and wellbeing    

Term 6- Healthy Mind


In year 8 students thinking is deepened as they start to look at more concerning issues that our present within our society and the implications that come with these issues.  The yearly overview is below;

Year 8

Term 1- The law and you              

Term 2- Desert Island    

Term 3-Extremism          

Term 4-Media and society           

Term 5- Nutrition            

Term 6- Relationships