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Here at the North School we aim to provide all students with a complete learning experience.

Education does not just happen within the school walls for six hours a day, you are expected to learn whilst you are out of school.

Therefore, we provide you with access to our homework portal, Google Classroom and we encourage you to use our additional resources to enable you to become independent learners.

Knowledge Organisers

These resources give you a comprehensive series of important information that you need to know to be successful in your subjects.

They are designed and built by your teachers around a series of topics you will be studying over the coming year. They will often be used in the classroom but you will also need to access them at home.

Revision Materials

Modern GCSE’s and BTEC’s require you to remember and recall information that you have been taught during your time at the school.

In order for you to be able to recall this information, you will need to go back over what you have learnt, in some cases several times. The revision materials provided are for you to study, make notes, create flashcards, and to test your own knowledge. Revising effectively is a set of skills you will need to master and we will guide you through this from year 7 so by the time you reach the exams in year 11 you will be masters at revision.

Previous Exam Papers

All of your qualifications will have some sort of examination with some subjects having several exams for you to complete.

The more you study for these, the better grades you will achieve. Previous exam papers will give you an insight into what an exam paper looks like and the types of questions that have previously appeared in exams. Your teachers will often use exam questions to gauge your knowledge in specific topics in the qualification and providing you additional support where you did not do so well.

Published Materials

Each exam board for each subject you are studying will often have a series of published resources available to you.

Student workbooks, revision guides, practice papers and even a dictionary are all important published materials that will assist you in your studies. Sometimes available to purchase through the school, but also available in bookshops and online you individual teachers can provide you with guidance on the best books you can buy.

Student Resources