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Student Leadership & Voice

Here at The North School we like to ensure that students have opportunities throughout the year groups to be involved in leadership roles. 
From year 7, students are randomly selected to participate in student voice meetings. These happen weekly on a rotation across each year group and ask students to comment on their experiences within the school. The conversations are either focused on teaching and learning or behaviour and safety within the school. A member of the senior leadership team runs each meeting and the opportunity is provided for students to share their views and have the chance to have their voices heard. 
At The North School, we believe that students should be provided with the opportunity to become role models for younger students as this allows them to develop their own confidence and flourish as young members of our community. From year 8 onwards, the students are able to apply to become part of our student leadership team. Prefect roles are then given to the students, where they are given specific roles and responsibilities around the school. The prefect team are instrumental in supporting various different events across the school year and are easily identifiable by their prefect badges which are worn with pride. 

Prefect Handbook