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Performance in Public Examinations

2023 Results

We are really pleased and proud to report some fantastic GCSE and L2 BTEC results in 2023, showing an increase in attainment and achievement for students last year in Year 11 sitting Public Exams of the same standard as in 2019.

The Results were:
GCSE Basics English & Maths: Grade 4+ 60%, 5+ 36%
GCSE Maths: Grade 4+ 73%, 5+ 55%
GCSE English (B of B): Grade 4+ 65%, 5+ 47%
GCSE Science: Grade 4+ 64%, 5+ 42%

2022 Results

We are pleased to report an increase in attainment and achievement for students last year in Year 11 sitting Public Exams for the first time since 2019.

The Results were:

GCSE English & Maths (Basics) 4+ 59%, 5+ 32%
English (B of B) Grade 4+ 71%, 5+ 48%
GCSE Maths Grade 4+ 71%, 5+ 49%
GCSE Science Grade 4+ 58%, 5+ 32%

2019 GCSE Results

It is great to announce that for the students educated on our school site last year in Year 11, the results were:

English:  61% 4+, 39% 5+
Maths: 69% 4+, 49% 5+
Basics Eng & Ma:  55% 4+ 30% 5+
Science: 47% 4+, 27% 5+

Exam Certificate Collection

Certificates are available for collection, from the school, from December onwards for those who sat in the June series of examinations of the current year.

If you cannot collect them, please ensure that anyone nominated to collect them, has written permission and photo ID.

If you do not collect your certificates within 12 months, they will be returned to the exam boards or destroyed, dependent on the guidance and procedure required by the exam board.

We cannot assist with replacement certificates; you must apply directly to the exam board that issued your certificates. 

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