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PE and Travel and Tourism 

Subject Overview

The North School PE department is a progressive and innovative department, and we are keen to share our passion for physical activity with the students across the school. The school boasts some fantastic facilities, including a climbing wall and a fitness room, and we also are home to The North School Lions Basketball Academy. The school prides itself on involving the students in a wide range of sporting opportunities, and we have had students represent their town, county and region in a variety of sporting areas.


We use our curriculum time at Key Stage three to inspire students to find a range of activities that they relish taking part in, in order encourage them to participate in lifelong activities for enjoyment. Students cover a myriad of different activities including invasion, net wall and striking and fielding games; athletics, gymnastics, fitness and problem solving. Students also cover some theory content in order to support them in order to begin courses at KS4.


At Key stage four, we believe in developing the student as a whole, both academically and physically. Students have the opportunity to take either Edexcel GCSE or Cambridge National courses where they get the chance to learn about the theoretical aspects which underpin Physical Education, as well as the practical elements of a variety of activities. During their core PE lessons, students are provided with opportunities to take part in sport, as well as leadership and officiating roles in order to develop their confidence and teamwork skills.

For the first time in 2020-2021 we are providing students with the opportunity to study travel and tourism. With tourism being such a globally growing sector, it provides an insight into a variety of careers that may be pursued whilst assisting students to develop their cultural capital.


At Key Stage 5 we offer the BTEC national, both the Extended Certificate as well as the diploma. The uptake of both of these courses is particularly high, and a high percentage of previous students have gone on to study sport, or other courses at University. The courses are mainly theoretical elements, covering psychology, business within sport and anatomy and physiology, however, elements such as coaching, leading and practical sport, allow the students to be practically involved as well.

For Travel and tourism we offer the opportunity for students to take a Level 3 Diploma whereby they will learn about aspects of the industry which they may wish to pursue in the future.

Higher Education Links and Career Opportunities

Many of our students choose to progress into Higher education, often through the university pathway. Our PE department come from a range of backgrounds, training through GTP’s, PGCE’s and Honours degrees from a variety of Universities.

Taking Physical Education at Key Stage 4 and 5 is a great starting point for students to move into a range of careers. Often Physical Education is associated with coaching or leadership roles as well as areas such as physiology of fitness, physiotherapy and nutrition.