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Opportunities after year 11

At the end of year 11 students can make the decision to continue in full-time further education at sixth form or college, enter full-time employment or get an apprenticeship.

All of the colleges and sixth forms advertise their open days/evenings on their websites and it is vital that students attend these to support making an informed decision about their next step.

There are increasing numbers of employers offering apprenticeship opportunities to school leavers, students can continue their learning with an apprenticeship and earn a wage.

Apprenticeships can last from one to five years and are on offer at different levels:

  • Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3)
  • Higher (Level 4 and above includes Degree Apprenticeships)

Getting an apprenticeship will require job-hunting skills and there is no one place where they are all advertised.  You will need to use a variety of resources.  Look in local papers, use job hunting sites, use your own contacts through family and friends or contact employers direct with a speculative letter and your current CV.

Below is a list of some of the many website where you will find further information and job/apprenticeship vacancies advertised.









How to write a CV

Students often ask for advice on putting together their first CV, there is no right or wrong layout style but the following sites offer some good advice on the dos and don’ts in CV writing and some good template ideas.