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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Overview

Studying languages gives you more than just the skill to understand another language. It gives you an insight into other cultures and develops invaluable skills. The ability to speak another language is highly valued by many employers and not only that, many scientists believe that knowledge of another language can boost your brainpower. It has positive effects on your thinking skills, improves your memory and problem solving skills, and helps you to multitask.


Year 7 students have the opportunity to study both Spanish and French, before specialising in one of these languages from year 9 onwards. 
The lessons are interactive, using language games, group, and pair work to learn and practise new vocabulary, as well as develop cultural knowledge of the Spanish and French speaking world. We focus on the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing across topics which include me and my family, my school, my town, and holidays. Students are assessed in these four skills throughout the year.


In key stage 4, we build upon the four skills developed at key stage 3 and prepare for the AQA GCSE. The vocabulary and topics covered include a range of functional language which is useful when in a French or Spanish speaking country, such as buying tickets in a train station, ordering food and drink and going shopping. We also cover customs and festivals, environmental problems and solutions, and free time and media, as well as familiar topics in greater depth. You will develop a good understanding of the grammar and language structures, which also support English language grammar skills.

Higher Education Links and Career Opportunities

Top ten reasons to learn languages

The career opportunities with languages are numerous. Often, people assume that languages have career options limited to interpreting, translating or teaching. However, due to the extensive skills which language learners develop, the career opportunities are also extensive.

Language skills are in demand and can be used in almost any career, particularly in businesses that trade internationally

Below are just a selection of jobs where languages are useful: