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Mrs Knight – Sixth Form Learning Leader

My role as Learning Leader is to work closely with the Head of Sixth Form to analyse student performance across years 12, 13 and 14.

I then support and intervene with these students in order to tackle any underachievement. This requires me to look at student’s data relating to their effort, working at grades and predictions and then comparing them to their target grades. Attendance can also be a key factor can contribute to limited progress. Where progress is not taking place at a quick enough rate then students will be supported firstly by their class teacher but in communication with myself, through curriculum leaders. I then meet with the students and we identify where the barriers are and how we can overcome them. These may be academic barriers or social concerns that they may be encountering. In some cases, arranging department intervention periods or private study support with me enables the students to accelerate their progress. Contact with parents is another avenue that can be taken to provide a fully supportive network around the student.

As well this, my role requires me to deliver assemblies, ranging awareness of SMSC topics relevant to the 16-19 age range, leading a group of dedicated form tutors and to arrange reward events for excellent attendance, good progress and positive contributions to the school.

Ensuring and supporting students work towards aspirational targets is important as it provides students with greater opportunities after sixth form. Supporting students with UCAS applications, researching apprenticeships or identifying a pathway into the world of work can also be arranged through communication with our careers advisor and university support staff.

Key resources include:

PiXL Independence: students.pixl.org.uk/#!/login

PiXL Edge: theedge.pixl.org.uk

UCAS: www.ucas.com

Apprenticeships: www.apprenticekent.com

Careermag: careermap.co.uk/careermag-registration