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How to Get Your Child Reading


Ten Top Tips to Motivate Your Child to Read

  • 1 Make time for reading – reading should be an enjoyable experience, not a rushed and hurried one
  • 2 Set aside a regular time to read with your child
  • 3 Choose interesting material but ensure it is not above the reading ability of your child
  • 4 Try creating a comfortable, dedicated reading area
  • 5 Offer your child a wide variety of reading material (joke books, non-fiction, comics, magazines, graphic novels – the list is endless …)
  • 6 Buddy read with your child
  • 7 Don’t under estimate the value of a good picture book – especially for struggling or reluctant readers
  • 8 Kids love a funny book!
  • 9 Show your child that you love reading too!
  • 10 Provide access to a wide range of books (create a home library; use a public library; with a Kindle you can download a wide variety of free books and all ebooks are cheaper to buy than hard copy)

Ten Top Tips to Keep Your Child Reading

  • 1 Create a reading area
  • 2 Encourage reading at home and everywhere else (practice reading menus, instructions, information boards, film and TV credits … show them reading is everywhere)
  • 3 Act as a role model and let your child see you read
  • 4 Make connections between reading and real life
  • 5 Keep reading materials in the house and make them easily accessible
  • 6 Visit your local library – make this a regular trip
  • 7 Talk to your child about what they are reading – show an interest
  • 8 Exposure your child to different book genres – if they always read fantasy novels give them a science fiction or adventure story to read.
  • 9 Support your child- help them when they are struggling and talk to their English teacher if you feel your child needs more help
  • 10 ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO FIND THE TIME TO READ EVERY DAY. Try setting a specific time of the day aside to read.  This could be a time where your child reads alone, to you or with you.  Make reading a family activity.

For further information please read the following online articles:

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