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The North School



The North School Farm is based on the school site and is open for any student at the school to attend.

We moved into new facilities in 2011 and the farm has gone from strength to strength becoming more popular across the school.

We keep a range of animals on the farm including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and a small selection of reptiles. All of the students have a chance to work with these animals. We have a very successful Young farmers’ club who attend several agricultural shows across the South East to exhibit livestock from the school.


We have a range of livestock on the school farm site.

We breed Pedigree Beef Shorthorn calves and buy in calves for the students to help rear and look after. All cattle on site are halter broken so that students can work safely with them

We have a flock of 15 Pedigree Texel ewes. We will exhibit the lambs from these sheep at shows and are particularly interested in the breeding of these sheep. We sometimes have Pedigree ewe lambs or tegs for sale.

We also keep pigs and goats on the school farm site.

Young Farmers Club

The North School Farm has a very successful Young Farmers’ Club.

Any student can join this club. The Young Farmers’ spend a lot of their spare time on the farm and enjoy working with the animals and doing all of the jobs that are involved in caring for our wide range of animals. The school farm is open every morning from 8am for the young farmers’ club to come, help feed, muck out and provide water for the animals. The farm is also open at break and lunchtimes. Our afterschool young farmers club is on a Tuesday, 3pm – 4pm.

Covid Update on Opening Times

At the moment the farm is only open to years 10, 11 and Sixth Form for the Young Farmers Club but this will be reviewed later in the year. 
Mondays and Thursdays 3-4pm Year 10 Only
Tuesdays 3-4pm Sixth Form Only
Wednesdays and Fridays 3-4pm Year 11 Only

An average day for one of our Young Farmers:

It is much more than just lessons for me!

A typical school day for Lily Myers…

7.55am – Arrive at school and head to the farm.

8.00am – Feed and water cattle and provide them with hay.

8.10am – Begin to muck out the pens and give cattle clean straw to lie on.

8.25am – Fork back muck heap and sweep the barn area.

8.35am – Change overalls and boots and get ready for lessons.

8.40am – Head to p1 and then p2.

10.25am – Break time. Check on small animals at the farm and fill up chicken waters.

10.40am – Go to p3, p4 and then form time.

12.45pm – Lunchtime. Help to show younger students the animals & socialise with my friends on the farm.

1.20pm – Go to p5 and then p6.

3.00pm – Change into overalls. Cattle training session at farm to prepare for shows.

3.45pm – Take some notes about my calf for my calf record book.

4.00pm – Feed and water cattle and give them some hay.

4.15pm – Change overalls and boots. Home time.