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Subject Overview

By studying English, students have the opportunity to spend time with some of the best and most inspiring writers. We cover a wide range of literature from Shakespeare to Atwood and so all students are going to find at least one text they will enjoy. English is about creativity- not just to texts students create, but the books they read; how they respond, think and change in relation to them.


The KS3 curriculum is wide ranging to give students access to an array of different styles of texts and writers. It is carefully designed to not only embed the essential foundations of strong reading and writing skills, but to prepare analytical, investigative and communication skills. Throughout KS3, students will study key texts from Shakespeare, Pullman and inspirational poets, as well as debating hot topics through written and verbal formats.

In Key Stage Three it is vital that students are equipped with their skills for life.  Reading, writing and oracy are some of the most powerful and life changing skills a student can learn as they will be equipped for any pathways they choose to take.


The KS4 curriculum for English follows the AQA GCSEs for English Literature and English Language. Students will study: Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and Power & Conflict Poetry alongside the skills required for their English Language course.  The Key Stage Four curriculum is supported by a wealth of high quality of teaching and resources, where the strategies of Memory, Retention and Recall and the effective use of knowledge booklets support our students to achieve their best in their exams.

Students will have completed all their English Literature content by the end of Year 10 which allows us to consolidate and deepen this knowledge throughout Year 11 with a series of Mastery Classes.  We value the time and hard work our students put into their learning and are always there to support them.


In the English Faculty we offer English Literature A-Level and from September we will offering Film Studies A-Level. The A-Level team is small and highly dedicated. We offer quality teaching, and achieve excellent grades. English Literature is run through AQA, to create a clear journey for texts studied at GCSE and students are able to choose their own texts for their coursework. The Film Studies curriculum offers an exciting and culturally enriching range of film.


To accompany the high standard of teaching, students also have access to a range of literature texts across the key stages. We also use several websites, such as digital theatre, and applications to support students progress, including the PiXL lit app and the PiXL Unlock app to practice both literature and language.


The faculty focuses its enrichment on supporting students in Key Stage Four as this is crucial for many of our students. However, alongside this we offer a Key Stage Three Culture Club, small group intervention and reading groups. 

Higher Education Links

We have clearly established links with the University of Kent who we liaise with to work with our Year 11 students on their key skills. We also take our A-Level students to experience what English Literature is like at university with a tailor made day arranged through the University Outreach programme.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities with English are numerous. This is because all the skills developed within English (analysing, investigating, inferring, deducing, communicating…etc.) are transferrable and therefore in high demand. The choice of careers is wide and varied. Below is just a selection of jobs where English is useful: