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The North School

Staff List

Mrs A. Lawrence Headteacher lawrence.a@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs P Allon Deputy Headteacher allon.p@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C Ellerby Deputy Headteacher ellerby.c@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs D. Moore Head of English moore.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Bukin English Teacher bukin.s@north.kent.sch.uk  

Mrs B. Charlton

English Teacher charlton.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs M. Gill English Teacher gill.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss A. Jupp English Teacher jupp.a@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr I. Kelly English Teacher kelly.i@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Koselj English Teacher koselj.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Martin English Teacher martin.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Mayes English Teacher mayes.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Silvester English Teacher silvester.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Silvester English Teacher silvester.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Single English Teacher single.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Yarrow English Teacher yarrow.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Yeandle English Teacher yeandle.m@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr M. Ledner English Teaching Assistant ledner.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr D. Munday Head of Mathematics munday.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss S. Astbury Mathematics Teacher astbury.s@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs C. Bailey Mathematics Teacher bailey.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr W. Castle Mathematics Teacher castle.w@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Dantes Mathematics Teacher dantes.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss T. Franklin-Clifford Mathematics Teacher franklin-clifford.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr T. Harrison Mathematics Teacher harrison.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss L. Laws Mathematics Teacher laws.l@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr T. McMahon Mathematics Teacher mcmahon.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr J. Ransley Mathematics / PE Teacher ransley.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr M. Spreadborough Mathematics Teacher spreadborough.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Thomson Mathematics Teacher thomson.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs A. Brejza Mathematics Teaching Assistant brejza.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Spreadborough Head of Science spreadborough.ce@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs I. Ardoy Science Teacher ardoy.i@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs S. Baker Science Teacher baker.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Bennett Science Teacher bennett.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Connell Science Teacher connell.charlotte@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr K. Grant Science Teacher grant.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs H. Jordan Science Teacher jordan.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs E. Leonte Science Teacher leonte.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss T. Lynch Science Teacher lynch.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr R. McNicoll Science Teacher mcnicoll.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Mills Science Teacher mills.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Spaull Science Teacher spaull.s@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs D. Marden Science Higher Level Teaching Assistant marden.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss S. Short Science Technician short.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Wilford Snr Science Technician wilford.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Besanko Business/Finance Subject Leader besanko.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Knight Business & Commerce Teacher knight.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Hainsworth Business Studies Teacher / Assistant SENCo hainsworth.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs V. Lamberton Business Studies/ Administration/Careers Teacher lamberton.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Beames Creative Arts Subject Leader beames.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Auty Art Teacher auty.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr C. Callan Art Teacher callan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Cumber Art Teacher cumber.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss C. Peacock Art / Photography Teacher peacock.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr D. Jinks Geography Subject Leader jinks.d@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr S. Stevens Geography Teacher stevens.simon@north.kent.sch.uk 
Ms A. Wood Geography Teacher wood.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Waghorn History Subject Leader waghorn.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Goonery History Teacher goonery.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss N. Holness History Teacher holness.n@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Slade History Teacher slade.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Willerton ICT/Computing Subject Leader willerton.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Cutts ICT/Computing Teacher cutts.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Moorat Modern Foreigh Languages Teacher moorat.r@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs V. Tardieux Modern Foreigh Languages Teacher tardieux.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss K. Yarrow Performing Arts Subject Leader yarrow.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr L. Jones Performing Arts Teacher (Music) jones.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Morgan Performing Arts Teacher (Dance) morgan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Kray PE Subject Leader kray.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr I. Coombes PE Teacher coombes.i@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Dehara PE / Values Teacher dehara.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss H. Diamond PE Teacher diamond.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr K. Galea PE Teacher galea.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss A. Jupp PE Teacher jupp.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr H. Welsby PE / Health & Social Care Teacher welsby.h@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs N. Marples Social Sciences Subject Leader marples.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Dehara Social Sciences Teacher (Values) dehara.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Fong Social Sciences Teacher (Sociology) fong.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Lenihan Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology) lenihan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Robbins Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology) robbins.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Wallis Social Sciences Teacher (Health & Social Care) wallis.C@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Besanko Subject Leader Technology besanko.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Clifford Food Technology Teacher clifford.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Dixon Food Technology Technician dixon.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Ms C. Eeles Design Technology Teacher eeles.c@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs R. Sarjeant Design Technology Teacher sarjeant.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Ward Technology Technician ward.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Matthews Head of Sixth Form matthews.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr B. Robbins Sixth Form Learning Leader robbins.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Ms C. Hamilton-Holman Sixth Form Pastoral Manager hamilton-holman.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Ledner Sixth Form Course Manager ledner.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Clipstone SENCO clipstone.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Twyman Assistant SENCO twyman.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs E. Chalkley Lead Practitioner - The Laurel Centre chalkley.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss E. Scopes Pastoral Support Manager - Laurel Centre scopes.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Bloodworth Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant bloodworth.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss S. Cox Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant cox.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Dowsey Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant dowsey.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs A. Fagg Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant fagg.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Hardy Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant hardy.r@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss E. Hemmett-Ward Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant hemmett-ward.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Hughes Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant hughes.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss D. Neaves Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant neaves.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs G. Russell Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant russell.g@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Sunderland Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant sunderland.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Sunil Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant sunil.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr J. Tong Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant tong.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Tucker Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant tucker.r@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss K. West Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant west.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss A. Woodford Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant woodford.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr J. Wray Laurel Centre Teaching Assistant wray.j@north.kent.sch.uk 


Mrs M. Dyga Lead Teacher Alternative Provision dyga.m@north.kent.sch.uk
Ms L. Clarke Pastoral Support clarke.l@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs P. Dawes Pastoral Support dawes.p@north.kent.sch.uk


Miss M. Chapman Cover Supervisor chapman.m@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs V. Ferszt Cover Supervisor ferszt.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Harris Cover Supervisor harris.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Eede Principal of Communities eede.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Cutts Assistant Principal of Communities cutts.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs E. Baksh Pastoral Support Manager - Mabledon baksh.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss M. Beaumont Pastoral Support Assistant - Mabledon beaumont.m@north.kent.sch.uk  
Miss C. Jordan Pastoral Support Assistant - Mabledon jordan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Williams Pastoral Support Manager - Essella williams.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Pithers Pastoral Support Assistant - Essella pithers.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss J. Wightman Pastoral Support Assistant - Essella wightman.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Cowie Progress Centre and Inclusion Tutor cowie.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Thayer Attendance and Welfare Officer thayer.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss D. Michael Attendance Administrative Assistant michael.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr R. Adams Data Manager adams.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs E. Blunt Student Admissions Officer / Secretary to the Headteacher blunt.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr P. Bowen Landbased Centre Site Manager bowen.p@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Button SEN Administrative Co-ordinator button.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr D. Coker Network Manager coker.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs B. Daniel Health Care Manager daniel.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs M. Dearden Snr Receptionist reception@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Donovan-Bayley Inclusion/Exclusion Administrative Co-ordinator donovan-bayley.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Finn Farm Assistant finn.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Ford Examinations Officer ford.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Fuller Receptionist fuller.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Gurung Landbased Centre Site Assistant
Mr R. Hayes Reprographics Officer repro@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs J. Kelliher Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mr S. Knott Senior Finance Officer knott.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Manning Personnel / Recruitment Manager manning.jo@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Matthews Farm Manager / Lead farm-manager@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Maybourne Receptionist maybourne.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr B. Sharp IT Technician sharp.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Steadman Systems Manager steadman.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss V. Stevens Farm Assistant stevens.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss D. Turner Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr G. Ward School Business Manager ward.g@north.kent.sch.uk