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The North School

Staff List

Mrs A Lawrence Headteacher anna.lawrence@swale.at
Mrs P Allon Deputy Headteacher pamela.allon@swale.at
Mrs C Ellerby Deputy Headteacher clair.ellerby@swale.at
Mrs C Clipstone SAHT : Inclusion and DSL catherine.clipstone@swale.at
Mrs J Cutts AHT : Deputy Principal of Communities jessica.cutts@swale.at
Mr S Eede SAHT : Principal of Communities stefan.eede@swale.at
Miss S Kray AHT : Achievement & Engagement samantha.kray@swale.at
Mrs S Matthews AHT : Head of Sixth Form siobhan.matthews@swale.at
Miss D Moore AHT : Head of English deborah.moore@swale.at
Mr D Munday AHT : Head of Mathematics daniel.munday@swale.at
Mrs C Spreadborough AHT : Head of Science celine.spreadborough@swale.at
Mrs D Moore Head of English deborah.moore@swale.at
Mrs S Mayes 2 i/c English  stella.mayes@swale.at

Mrs B Charlton

English Teacher bethany.charlton@swale.at
Miss M Everett-Brown English Teacher mattie.everettbrown@swale.at
Mrs V Ferszt English Teacher viki.ferszt@swale.at
Mrs M Gill English Teacher marianne.gill@swale.at
Miss N Holness English Teacher natalie.holness@swale.at
Miss A Jupp English Teacher amie.jupp@swale.at
Mr I Kelly English Teacher Ian.kelly@swale.at
Mrs K Koselj English Teacher katja.koselj@swale.at
Mrs C Martin English Teacher / Subject Lead for Values catherine.martin@swale.at
Miss M Muhammad English Teacher maryam.muhammad@swale.at
Miss H Raja English Teacher hilary.raja@swale.at
Mrs K Silvester English Teacher katherine.silvester@swale.at
Mr M Silvester English Teacher michael.silvester@swale.at
Mrs S Single English Teacher sharon.single@swale.at
Mr M Yeandle English Teacher martin.yeandle@swale.at
Mr M Ledner English Teaching Assistant
Mr D Munday Head of Mathematics daniel.munday@swale.at
Mrs C Bailey 2 i/c Mathematics charlotte.bailey@swale.at
Miss S Astbury Mathematics Teacher samantha.astbury@swale.at
Mr W Castle Mathematics Teacher william.castle@swale.at
Mrs S Dantes Mathematics Teacher sherine.dantes@swale.at
Miss T Franklin-Clifford Mathematics Teacher toni.franklincliffor@swale.at
Mr T Harrison Mathematics Teacher thom.harrison@swale.at
Mrs B Kaur Mathematics Teacher baljit.kaur1@swale.at
Miss I Parsons Mathematics Teacher isobel.parsons@swale.at
Mr J Ransley Mathematics / PE Teacher jacob.ransley@swale.at
Mr L Robinson Mathematics Teacher louis.robinson@swale.at
Mr M Spreadborough Mathematics Teacher michael.spreadborough@swale.at
Mrs S Thomson Mathematics Teacher sophie.thomson@swale.at
Vacancy Mathematics Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Spreadborough Head of Science celine.spreadborough@swale.at
Mr J Mills 2 i/c Science jake.mills@swale.at
Mrs I Ardoy Science Teacher isabel.ardoy@swale.at
Mrs S Baker Science Teacher sarah.baker@swale.at
Mrs K Bennett Science Teacher kate.bennett@swale.at
Mrs C Connell Science / Animal Care Teacher charlotte.connell@swale.at
Mr G Cradock Science Teacher gary.cradock@swale.at
Miss C Eeles Science Teacher carrie.eeles@swale.at
Mr K Galea Science / PE Teacher kyle.galea@swale.at
Mrs H Jordan Science Teacher hayleigh.jordan@swale.at
Mr R McNicoll Science Teacher robin.mcnicoll@swale.at
Mrs D Marden Science / Childcare Teacher debra.marden@swale.at
Mrs E Plant Science Teacher elizabeth.plant@swale.at
Mrs J Thomas Science Teacher / SENCO jennifer.thomas@swale.at
Miss E Hemmett-Ward HL Teaching Assistant
Miss S Rose Science Technician
Mrs J Wilford Snr Science Technician
Mr A Besanko Subject Leader andrew.besanko@swale.at
Mrs K Knight Business & Commerce Teacher karen.knight@swale.at
Mrs V Lamberton Business Studies/ Administration/Careers Teacher vernice.lamberton@swale.at
Mrs H Beames Subject Leader heather.beames@swale.at
Mrs N Auty Art Teacher nova.auty@swale.at
Mr C Callan Art / Photography Teacher conor.callan@swale.at
Mr D Jinks Subject Leader david.jinks@swale.at
Mr H Billington Geography Teacher harry.billington@swale.at
Mr S Stevens Geography Teacher simon.stevens@swale.at
Ms A Wood Geography Teacher anne.wood@swale.at
Mr J Stinson Subject Leader jake.stinson@swale.at
Mr C Furner History Teacher callum.furner@swale.at
Mr A Goonery History Teacher andrew.goonery@swale.at
Miss N Holness History  / English Teacher natalie.holness@swale.at
Mr J Slade History Teacher john.slade@swale.at
Mr M Willerton Subject Leader matthew.willerton@swale.at
Mrs J Cutts ICT/Computing Teacher jessica.cutts@swale.at

Mrs C West-Lamoriniere

Subject Leader charlotte.lamorinier@swale.at

Mrs S Burchett

MFL Teacher simone.burchett@swale.at

Miss S Kray

MFL / Social Sciences Teacher samantha.kray@swale.at

Miss M Worden

MFL Teacher megan.worden@swale.at
Miss K Yarrow Subject Leader kelly.yarrow@swale.at
Mr N Dare Performing Arts Teacher (Dance) nicholas.dare@swale.at
Mr L Jones Performing Arts Teacher (Music) luke.jones@swale.at
Mr H Welsby

Subject Leader

Mr I Coombes 2 i/c PE  ian.coombes@swale.at
Mr L Dehara PE Teacher lloyd.dehara@swale.at
Miss H Diamond PE Teacher holly.diamond@swale.at
Mr K Galea PE / Science Teacher kyle.galea@swale.at
Miss A Jupp PE Teacher amie.jupp@swale.at
Mr F Moat PE Teacher freddie.moat1@swale.at
Mr J Ransley PE/Mathematics Teacher jacob.ransley@swale.at
Mrs N Marples  Subject Leader nicola.marples@swale.at
Mrs C Clipstone Social Sciences Teacher (Health & Social Care / Childcare) catherine.clipstone@swale.at
Mr M Fong Social Sciences Teacher (Sociology) michael.fong@swale.at
Miss S Kray Social Science Teacher (Travel & Tourism) / MFL samantha.kray@swale.at
Miss C Lenihan Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology/Values) chelsea.lenihan@swale.at
Mrs D Marden Childcare / Science Teacher debra.marden@swale.at
Mrs L Robbins Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology) lucy.robbins@swale.at
Mrs C Wallis Social Sciences Teacher (Health & Social Care) claire.wallis@swale.at
Mrs H Clifford Subject Leader - Food Technology  harriet.clifford@swale.at
Mrs R Sarjeant Subject Leader - Technology remi.sarjeant@swale.at
Mrs C Dixon Food Technology Technician
Mr J Ward Technology Technician
Mrs S Matthews Head of Sixth Form siobhan.matthews@swale.at
Mr B Robbins Sixth Form Learning Leader ben.robbins@swale.at
Ms C Wright Sixth Form Pastoral Manager carol.wright@swale.at
Mrs S Ledner Sixth Form Course Manager sheila.ledner@swale.at
Miss S Dantes Year 7 sherine.dane@swale.at
Miss K Koselj Year 8 katja.koselj@swale.at
Mr L Dehara Year 9 lloyd.dehara@swale.at
Mr M Silvester Year 10 michael.silvester@swale.at
Miss A Jupp Year 11 amie.jupp@swale.at
Mrs C Clipstone Inclusion and Safeguarding Lead catherine.clipstone@swale.at
Mrs K Harris SENCO katherine.harris@swale.at
Mrs J Thomas SENCO / Science Teacher jennifer.thomas@swale.at
Mrs S Twyman Assistant SENCO/Access Arrangements Coordinator samantha.twyman@swale.at

Mrs E Chalkley




Miss R Russell

Lead Practitioner - The Laurel Centre (maternity leave)


Lead Practitioner - The Laurel Centre (maternity cover - part-time)






Miss R Marshall Pastoral Support Manager - Laurel Centre rebecca.marshall@swale.at
Mr M Bloodworth Teaching Assistant
Miss K Brown Teaching Assistant (maternity Leave)
Mrs S Christian Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Dowsey Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Fagg Teaching Assistant
Miss C Greenfield Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs R Hardy Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Hughes Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Maurice-Robinson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Miguel Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Millard Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs R Russell Teaching Assistant
Mr A Sunderland Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Tucker Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Wright Teaching Assistant


Mrs M Dyga Lead Teacher Alternative Provision monika.dyga@swale.at
Miss G Russell Pastoral Support gemma.russell@swale.at


Mrs J Ford Cover Coordinator/Supervisor jane.ford@swale.at
Mr S Briggs Cover Supervisor samuel.briggs@swale.at
Mr S Harris Cover Supervisor stephen.harris@swale.at
Mr S Kyle Cover Supervisor samuel.kyle@swale.at
Mr S Eede Principal of Communities stefan.eede@swale.at
Mrs J Cutts Assistant Principal of Communities jessica.cutts@swale.at
Mrs E Baksh KS4 - Pastoral Support Manager  emma.baksh@swale.at
Mrs N Williams KS3 - Pastoral Support Manager nicola.williams@swale.at
Miss A Bush Pastoral Support Assistant - Year 7 alice.bush@swale.at
Mrs C Griggs Pastoral Support Assistant - Year 11 clare.griggs@swale.at
Mrs K Knight Pastoral Support Assistant - Year 9 kelly.knight@swale.at
Miss K West Pastoral Support Assistant - Year 10 katie.west@swale.at
Miss J Wightman Pastoral Support Assistant - Year 8 jessica.wightman@swale.at
Mrs L Cowie Progress Centre and Inclusion Tutor lisa.cowie@swale.at
Mr J Murphy Teaching Assistant jake.murphy@swale.at
Mrs H Thayer Attendance and Welfare Officer TNS-attendance@swale.at
Miss D Michael Attendance Administrative Assistant TNS-attendance@swale.at
Mr R Adams Data Manager raymond.adams@swale.at
Mrs E Blunt Student Admissions Officer / Secretary to the Headteacher emma.blunt@swale.at
Mr P Bowen Landbased Centre Site Manager paul.bowen@swale.at
Mrs L Button SEN Administrative Co-ordinator lisa.button@swale.at
Mr D Coker Network Manager daniel.coker@swale.at
Mrs M Dearden Exams Officer melinda.dearden@swale.at
Miss C Donovan-Bayley Inclusion/Exclusion Administrative Co-ordinator cherry.donovanbayley@swale.at
Miss L Edwards Receptionist (Apprentice) lauren.edwards@swale.at
Mrs C Finn Farm Assistant cara.finn@swale.at
Mrs J Ford Cover Coordinator jane.ford@swale.at
Mrs D Fuller Snr Receptionist debbie.fuller@swale.at
Mr L Gurung Landbased Centre Site Assistant
Mr R Hayes Reprographics Officer ryan.hayes@swale.at
Mrs J Kelliher Lunchtime Supervisor  
Ms H Lucas Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Manning Personnel / Recruitment & Facilities Manager joanne.manning@swale.at
Miss E Marshall Farm Assistant emma.marshall@swale.at
Mrs C Matthews Farm Manager / Lead charlotte.matthews@swale.at
Mr J Morrison IT Apprentice josh.morrison@swale.at
Mrs S Sandy Receptionist samantha.sandy@swale.at
Mr B  Sharp IT Technician bill.sharp@swale.at
Mrs K Underdown Health Care Manager karen.underdown.tns@swale.at