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The North School


The Communities

At the North School we believe that outstanding pastoral and academic care is key to being a successful school; we have a holistic approach ensuring that all students are well supported socially, emotionally and academically and the Communities are at the heart of this support.

The North School is organised into two Learning Communities - KS3 and KS4, together with the Sixth Form.  The students in each community stage are supported academically by the Learning Leaders and pastorally by the Principal and Vice Principal of Communities as well as the Key Stage Lead and the Pastoral Support Assistant for the respective year group.  

The aim of organising the school into two communities is to improve the quality of relationships in school as well as improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Community Structure

 Each year group is its own community with staff in place to ensure complete academic and pastoral care


Principal of Communities  -  Mr S. Eede

Vice Principal of Communities  -  Mrs J. Cutts

Director of Sixth Form  -  Mr B Robbins

Mr M. Silvester – Head of Key Stage 3

Mr R. Fussell – Head of Key Stage 4


Miss H. Diamond - Yr 7 Learning Leader

Mrs S. Luckham - Yr 10 Learning Leader

Mr N. Dare - Year 8 Learning Leader

Miss K. Koselj - Yr 11 Learning Leader

Mr L. Dehara - Year 9 Learning Leader

Mrs K. Knight - Yr 12-14 Learning Leader


Mrs S. Wilkinson-Snare – PSA Yr 7

Mrs C. Griggs – PSA Yr 8

Mrs G. Russell – PSA Yr 9

Miss J. Wightman – PSA Yr 10

Mrs K. Knight – PSA Yr 11

Ms C. Wright – PSM Yr 12 & 13

Mrs R. Mussai - PSA

Miss K. Harlow – PSA Progress Centre

Mrs C. Hughes – PSA Inclusion

Mrs T. Neicho – PSA Inclusion