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At the North School we believe that outstanding pastoral and academic care is key to being a successful school; we have a holistic approach ensuring that all students are well supported socially, emotionally and academically.  The Communities are at the heart of this support and when students join us they are placed in either the Essella Community or the Mabledon Community.

The Principal of Communities has oversight of both communities however each community has a Senior Pastoral Leader and two Pastoral Assistants and each year group is supported by a Learning Leader who will support students academically. Students are placed in tutor groups which vary in number due to the number of students in each year group.  Students will meet with their tutors daily and will discuss issues such as attendance, behaviour and wider social issues in addition to developing strategies for learning.

There is a healthy competition between the two Communities who work hard all year in the competition for the Community Cup, students can gain points for their Community through: Achievement, Attendance, Sport and Challenge.

Community Structure





SAHT / Principal of Communities

Mr S Eede 

AHT/Vice Principal of Communities

Miss J Cutts

AHT / Director of Sixth Form

Mrs S Matthews 

Academic Care

Academic Care

Senior Learning Leader – Years 7 and 8 – Miss Koselj

Learning Leader – Years 7 and 8 – Miss Dantes

Learning Leader – Year 9 – Miss Peacock

Learning Leader – Year 10 – Mr Dehara

Learning Leader – Year 11 – Miss Kray


Learning Leader

Mr B Robbins

 Pastoral Care

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs C Hamilton-Holman 


    Sixth Form BusinessAdministrator    

Mrs S Ledner


 Snr Pastoral Support Manager 

Miss Williams

 Snr Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs Baksh

Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs Pithers

Pastoral Support Assistant

Miss M Beaumont

Pastoral Support Assistant

Miss Wightman

Pastoral Support Assistant

Miss C Jordan