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Career Information Resources

There are many online resources available to support careers, below are a few that can help with career research:


The National Careers Service offers a Job Profile section, which is an online database with information on over 800 jobs, you will find out more about the job, the salary, the entry requirements and training and the skills required for the job.


A careers site providing detailed information on a variety of careers, labour market information and a suitability profile for students to explore.

The site also has access to apprenticeship, FE and HE opportunities making it a multi-information and advice platform.  Students can register on the site and link to the North School, using the registration code of 70326.


Labour Market Information (LMI) is information, which relates to the labour market such as employment, wages and qualifications and can be available in regions.

This information can be valuable when researching career ideas as it will support young people in identifying which industries are employing people, what sectors are growing and what parts of the country certain jobs are more available.  The LMI for all website has data analysis on all of these areas and is used by many career programmes and apps to provide up to date information.  The Careerometer Widget offers a quick search on hundreds of different careers giving this valuable LMI data.


BeReady is a microsite developed for The North School and works through employability skills such as communication, personal branding and resilience.

Students will have the opportunity to work through a number of the accredited online courses in school.  Students will be given their own login details and can complete extra modules outside of school to build a portfolio of accredited courses.