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Putting achievement first


Welcome to The North School, where we believe high expectations and a focus on achievement help us develop happy, confident learners who are supported, encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential.

As headteacher, I am proud of the way our students, staff, parents and carers create a community that supports our goal of ensuring students leave school with the right skills, appropriate qualifications and good grades.

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Ethos & Values

The North School recognises that people have different strengths and interests and we aim to give individuals the opportunity to develop those further where possible. In return we expect students to have high expectations of themselves and share our aim of 'putting achievement first'.

Our school values were selected through a consultation led by students, teachers, governors and parents. We believe that every member of the school community will therefore own, and help deliver, the values they put forward.

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 Start of Term 3

 Exam Timetable January / February 2022

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COVID-19 vaccination on the 7th February for 12 to 15 Years

Dose 1 is available to all children, aged 12 years and over, who have not been vaccinated yet.

Dose 2 is available to all children who have received Dose 1. There must be an interval of 12 weeks between the Dose 1 and Dose 2. If your child has received Dose 2 in another venue, please do not submit a consent form

Please use the following link to consent your child for Dose 1 or Dose 2: https://childconsent.co.uk/kchft

Please ensure the form is completed by end of the day Thursday 03/02/2022

We cannot accept late consents and therefore your child may not be vaccinated in school.


 Your child is unable to receive the vaccine if they have received a positive test for the Covid-19 virus in the past 12 weeks.

 If your child is not aged 12 or over on the day of the session, please do not submit a consent as they are not eligible for the covid vaccine and will not be vaccinated.

If you require any further information please contact the Nursing Team 

Text chat us now: 07401320923

Telephone: 0300 123 5205

Email: mailto:kchft.cyp-immunisationteam@nhs.net

Website: www.kentcht.nhs.uk


 Parents' Evenings 

Invite for Parents' Evening year 10 appointments via video call

Thursday 20th January 4pm until 7pm will open for bookings on Thursday 6th January at 4pm. Bookings will close on Thursday 20th January at 3pm.

 Please visit thenorth.parentseveningsystem.co.uk to book your appointments.


Years 11, 12 & 13 Updates  

Last Day of Term 3 : 11 February 2022

Staff Development Day : Monday 21 February 2022

First Day of Term 4 : Tuesday 22 February 2022

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The North School Virtual Tour Video 


Remote Learning Strategy and Contact Details


 To parents who do not have access School-Gateway

Please can you contact the school via the school email